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JUCONI Foundation, a nonprofit organization, was founded in the city of Puebla in 1989 through the efforts of Sarah Thomas de Benítez, Joanna Wright de Serra and Gabriel Benítez. Together they joined efforts concentrated toward a single commitment: to make JUCONI an organization that would attend children in street situations in a professional way.

Over time and through the work done it was found that there are three groups of children in street situations:

1. The ones who live on the streets

2. The ones working on the streets but living with their families

3. The sons and daughters of market sellers, who start to have their first contact with the street while their parents attend their market stalls.


Our mission is to develop, implement and share solutions for girls, boys, young people and marginalized families affected by family violence.

Our vision is to become a learning-teaching organization that provides solutions for the development of children, families and safe communities.


Sense of Justice

Sentido de Justicia



JUCONI is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, nonreligious civil partnership.



Pursuit of Excellence

Búsqueda de la Excelencia


  • We won the State Prize 2015 Outstanding Civil Associations in Puebla.
  • Since 2009, the labeling of Institutions and Transparency issued by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy.
  • Unicef received the First Prize in 2008, in the category "Best Practices".

  • Financial Accreditation "Strong", the highest category awarded by the British organization Family For Every Child.
JUCONI currently has three offices, two located in the city of Puebla and one in Mexico City. Our team consists of specialists and educators who have an average of 7 years of experience in the organization, thus ensuring the stability of the accumulated knowledge and divided into the following departments: JUCONI program; assessment, training and research through the Technical Support Center (TSC); administration and finance; communication, incidence and fundraising. In addition, we have a team of Mexican and international volunteers. Our team is supervised by a Steering Board and members that include local leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs.
  • CEO
    Isabel M. Crowley
  • JUCONI Program Director
    Sandra Cortés
  • Administrative Director
    Guillermo Milano
  • Incidence Director
    Gabriela Escobar
  • Director of Fundraising
    Lynda Stopford
  • Director of Technical Support Center
    Rommy Acosta
    Founding Partners
  • Gabriel Benítez
  • Sarah Thomas de Benítez
  • Ricardo Hess
  • Joanna Wright-Serra
  • Socios Honoríficos
  • Alejandro Pacheco Pensado
  • Alejandrina Jiménez Valdés
  • Alejandro Sierra González
    Board of Directors
  • President
    Eduardo García Migoya
  • Secretary
    Luis Alberto Aziz Checa
  • Treasurer
    José Carlos Silva Sánchez-Gavito
  • Finance
    Hernán Sabau García
  • Representatives
  • Andrew Wygard Kapland
  • Helena Wygard Hopwood
  • Patrick Scott
  • Bárbara Tijerina Garza
  • Prudence Beidler
  • Paola Bortoluz.