JUCONI Foundation, A.C. serves families, children and young people affected by violence, poverty and marginalization. http://www.juconi.org.mx/img/layout/logo.png Fundación JUCONI
Privada Volcán de Colima 2720 Col. Volcanes Puebla Puebla 72410
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Frequent questions


What is JUCONI?
An organization dedicated to attending children in the streets through personalized long-term therapeutic interventions implemented with girls, boys and their families.

What does JUCONI mean?

Do we charge for our services?
No, the services are free of charge for children and their families. The only services we charge are our workshops and diploma courses that are taught to other organizations like ours, agencies or educational centers.

Do we give shelter to children and their families?
We provide a home for children living on the streets, who, due to various reasons, do not want to continue living with their legal guardians; we offer them a home only until they and their families are rehabilitated to continue living in a supportive family environment favorable to their development.

Do we help all children in the street?
That is the aim, but the work is hard and takes time; however, we struggle every day to eradicate family violence and child labor.

Do we help children and families in all markets?
Yes, currently more work is done with families of the Mercado Hidalgo in Puebla; but any child or family can attend if they need help from JUCONI.

Do we offer financial support?
No, support is based on the therapeutic work that children and their families receive at the JUCONI Center, the JUCONI House or the JUCONI Youth House.

Do we attend families and children who are not from Puebla?
Yes, there is violence everywhere and we seek to get to all of it, which is why we deliver training courses, workshops, diploma courses and a specialization course to organizations and agencies working with victims of violence, thereby sharing the JUCONI program, through a strength-based approach, with national and international organizations.