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JUCONI in Global Giving: Empower 19 youths living on the streets in Mexico


Living in a violent home inhibits a child's ability to achieve healthy development, secure future employment and overcome conditions of poverty. If the causes and consequences of violence remain untreated, it is likely that a child's skills for interacting positively with his/her environment will be damaged, perpetuating thus the cycle of family violence among generations. This project will help dozens of children in Mexico who are pushed into a life based on the street as a result of violence.


JUCONI Foundation is committed to preventing and healing the aftermath of violence that affects children, youth and their families who live in marginalized situations and extreme poverty by providing long-term personalized therapeutic interventions to ensure that each child and every member of his/her family develops the emotional, cognitive and social skills necessary to heal the wounds of violence and reintegrate into society.

Long-Term Impact

By allowing JUCONI to purchase a facility for the permanent establishment of the Youth House we can minimize monthly costs and maintain high standards in the educational-therapeutic services that are provided to 12 youth residents affected by violence and at least other 7 who receive JUCONI's services without living in the House. It is expected that in an average of two years these young men will graduate from the Program, allowing other youth in need to also benefit from these services.

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