Success Stories


Jorge: Example of a child living on the street (Subprogram)

Jorge was only 9 years old when he wandered the roads; at the age of 13 he was arrested for theft. After 6 weeks of constant visits by our educator, he moved to the JUCONI house where other children did not want to play with him because he was too violent. In the JUCONI HOUSE we helped Jorge to recognize his strengths, to learn to identify, manage and communicate his emotions appropriately. We worked on assertiveness and academic support intensively. These personalized spaces proved to be essential to Jorge's demonstrating his ability to succeed in school.

Permanent social reintegration

Permanent social reintegration

Judith: Example of a child working on the street (Subprogram)

Since she was a little girl, Judith joined her mother to sell sweets at intersections. When she turned 10 we had the first contact with her; she had a high emotional instability and was not attending school. After several months of psychological support from JUCONI, Judith discovered positive things about herself and opened the doors of her home to work with her family. During the JUCONI Therapeutic Family Process, we showed her family how to access resources to which they are entitled, such as school and health services. Through direct practice and positive demonstrations of affection, we taught each family member how to take care of and love each other. Judith started school and got off the streets.

Permanent social reintegration

Each year, JUCONI conducts a long-term assessment of those who graduated from the program, in order to ensure their permanent reintegration into society. Judith is now 25 years old; she has finished college and is the first in her family to hold a bachelor's degree.

Alejandro: Example of a child working in the market

Family life was hard for Alejandro; both parents had suffered from physical abuse as children and now they exercised it on their four children. Alejandro attended school sporadically; he was behind in his classes and his teacher suggested to his mother the help of JUCONI Programs and the DAY CENTER. We worked with his parents and siblings opening positive lines of communication among family members, carrying out individual and family therapy to overcome the resentment that existed among them. We worked with his dad to overcome his alcohol abuse. With a school reinforcement in the DAY CENTER, Alejandro managed to keep up with his classmates.

Permanent social reintegration

Violence and abuse is no longer part of his everyday life. Being just 14 years old, Alejandro became the youngest student in the apprenticeship program of Benteler Automotive. Alejandro gives credit for the success of his family and his bright future to JUCONI Programs: "Today, thanks to all the help we received, we are a happy family."