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Fundación JUCONI, A.C. JUCONI Fundation

JUCONI Fundation together with the children

For a world whithout violence

We never give up

or expel any child –or their families-from the program; we know that what works for one may not work for another, which is why we keep the emphasis on quality over quantity. Donate now in Together With the Children

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At JUCONI we develop, apply and share solutions to children, youth and marginalized families affected by family violence.

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    Anual Report 2014
    25 years building a world whithout violence

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    Safe Families Safe Children
    JUCONI Fundation

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    Together with the Children (TWC) partners with the JUCONI foundation in Mexico to:
    raise awareness of why we must invest in children and families affected by the stress and trauma caused by poverty and family violence.